Author: Kevin Banks
Fossils and 3D CT model of the newly named dinosaur, Galleonosaurus dorisae. The wallaby-sized herbivorous dinosaur has been identified from five fossilised upper jaws in 125-million-year-old rocks from the Cretaceous period of Victoria, southeastern Australia. Picture: Matthew Herne

New Australian-Antarctic dinosaur found in Victoria

  A new dinosaur species that lived 125 million years ago has been discovered from a fossil found in Victoria. The dinosaur, which is thought to have lived in the Australian-Antarctic rift valley was so small it was likely the size of a wallaby, according to researchers from the University of New England in NSW. […]

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Former ABC chairman Justin Milne allegedly used the words ‘missus’, ‘chicks’ and ‘babes’ at work. Picture: AAP Image/Joel Carrett

Why pet names should be banned from the office

THIS week, three surprising words made headlines across Australia. Suddenly, the terms “missus”, “chicks” and “babes” were everywhere after it was reported former ABC chairman Justin Milne allegedly used the words to refer to female staff members. Mr Milne denied the claims, but ended up resigning yesterday following days of scandals involving the national broadcaster. […]

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Three people suffered snake bites on Thursday, and another man got a scare. Picture: Sean Cade/Australian Snake Catchers

Snake warning after three bites in four hours

THREE Victorians are recovering from snake bites after being bitten within four hours of each other on Sunday. A fourth person called paramedics after trying to move a dead snake and getting a scare when they were pricked by a blackberry bush. The three bites occurred during the afternoon at Nar Nar Goon, in the […]

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Snap Spectacles 2, Nico and Veronica

Save $50 on the new Snap Spectacles 2 frames

Last month, Snap’s nifty Spectacles 2 video-recording sunglasses got a makeover — and a price bump. The new Nico and Veronica styles, which more closely resemble traditional sunglasses, hit the streets at $200. The original Spectacles 2 sell for $150.   Like the new design but not the new price? You’re in luck: For a […]

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